1. Saturday, July 20, 2019

    i feel like im always working on secret projects 

    but since the last one ended poorly im not really keen on calling this one that

    but what can you do

    taylor swift just told me to shake it off

    so i will


    how was your day?

    amber asks me that sometimes and i say

    the first thing they tell wives of xbi agents is never ask that question

    because we are sworn to secrecy

    but also, if we werent it would be the saddest list youve ever heard.

    just say i hope your day was good.

    she asked, so im your wife?


    drove through echo park and into east LA today. there was a time a few decades ago that a black man would have not done that unless he was totally lost. but i was totally not lost and it was nice to do.

    just little circles.

    saw two kids in matching tuxes get out of a huge Hummer stretch limo

    i yelled out the window: WHATS THE OCCASSION?

    i dont spell well when i yell

    he said, MY COUSIN’S 16th BIRTHDAY

    mazel tov i said and turned the radio back up.

    i have a good life, america. i have good friends. i have seen some stuff. i have survived. how?

    ive been blessed, thats how.

    i just said hey alexa play miles davis birth of the cool

    and music came out of a little box

    in perfect quality

    my mom can tell you that when i was in college i drempt up that very scenario

    and thankfully someone else went through the hassle of making it come true

    i love you said amber

    i love you too said vous