why am i procrastinating: a film

fortune teller looked at my palm

she said you’re holding back, why do you think that is?

i said, what does my palm say?

she said, it says look into the crystal ball

i said wheres that?

she said yr heart.

i said im probably procrastinating because ive been dealt a long series of nos lately and im a sensitive poet and i take those things very personally and it crushes my fragile ego and my body says just curl up and die in a ball instead of trying

she said, wrong heart, that was the heart of a coward. you’re tony pierce, look into your heart.

and in my heart there was a party going on. everyone was dancing around or telling jokes or playing in a band or eating cake or being jolly and singing songs.

i asked, what was the question again?

she said, why are you dragging your feet on the ladder of success?

i said, cuz theres poop on the soles of my shoes and im trying to get them off?

she said, just take off the shoes entirely, we are a happy family.

i said ok now what

she said, rise.