been watching the first few twilight zones

i dont think, ive ever seen the first seasons for some reason because none of these seem familiar.

a few are trippy but not what made twilight zone iconic.

theyve got all the pieces together but it’s not clicking yet

because amber grew up here and has seen it all we try to figure out which studio lot they were filmed at, then look it up on google

shes always right.

its so fascinating how in the early 60s they were so obsessed with both cowboy westerns and going to the moon.

one foot behind and one foot ahead.

then there was also the matter of the devil or something like it. you dont see a lot of that these days. maybe because we’ve seen some heinous things recently.

i read a lot of twitter. theres a lot of bad things out there. the checks and balances seem to be a bit out of wack.

so you gotta just be one of the good stories in the feed. there are always a few.

be one of them.