everything is more than zero

ive lived in LA so long and ive met so many people but

im still a stranger and i havent met you and you and you and you

in the 80s i met a guy who ended up in brett easton ellis’s book shortly after he met me

not only did he meet me but he “borrowed” some of my clothes and left behind his super expensive threads.

i have kissed the prettiest girls. earned money in the fanciest homes. heard the best stories and written a few.

im thinking about starting an instagram about my neighborhood. i am thinking about every day going out and talking to just one person and either taking their picture or video taping it. even though video tape doesnt exist any more.

so much doesnt exist. even people. which is why i really need to document them.

sure theres humans of new york but and no offense but fuck new york. new york is the exception to all the rules. it may as well be a planet in another solar system.

LA though is different. so different. and hollywood even more so.

you drive around LA and into other counties. the further the better. and then you come back to this one and it dawns on you “how can anyone afford to live here?” how do they do it. which is im sure what you can say about NY too but fuck NY. why snow? why rain? why the yankees?

in a million years why the yankees?

but LA is the american dream. LA is where dreams come true is the best part. LA is where No Cal and Mexico french kiss on a balcony at 12:31am on the last night of summer.

new york doesnt even have summer.

his name was atif.