1. Saturday, August 17, 2019

    every day is saturday 

    do you know everything will be ok?

    do you know that we are so lucky to be here, together. connected in so many ways?

    do you know how great it is to say alexa play bruce springsteen

    and a beautiful mix of random songs by the boss plays from a tiny speaker

    for sorta free.

    do you know how nice this summer vacation has been

    how weird and scary and terrible and wonderful all at the same time?

    do you know what it’s like to end up in a situation where you shouldnt be in but you are and thats ok because you are here for the right reasons, idealistic reasons based in love and creativity?

    do you know how nice it is to have a blog and a twitter following and a facebook of cool friends

    does anyone remember laughter?

    do you know how nice it is to have friends who will give you little jobs and try so hard to get you back in the high life

    do you know that people will deliver pretty much anything you want to your door at all hours for pretty cheap

    do you know the Lord loves us all even though we are all ridiculous fuckups?

    do you know that all of this will be things we will laugh about later, even the saddest most horrible things that we did not deserve, even the meanest people who were just lost and scared and deserve our love?

    do you know the Cubs won the world series in the middle of the night in november in cleveland and even though there was a giant party where 5 million people showed up and nobody got arrested, it’s still hard to believe it was true

    but it was true

    and everything now is the after party

    which is the best party

    and thats why im happy on this saturday

    because post 2016, every day is saturday