1. Friday, August 2, 2019

    pretty girl asked why arent you writing every day 

    and i said i will do anything you want

    she said marry me then

    i said i will write every day i mean

    today i read on the instagram that someone was leaving where i used to work

    and he was a good guy. we had some flare ups which is bound to happen

    but after each one i went to him and shook his hand and apologized

    because when youre 2x as old as someone and you get into it with them

    and youre xbi

    and theyre just a nice sweet young man you should lead by example

    which sometimes means have excellent ideas

    but sometimes it means knowing how to take the L

    and being cool about it.

    because we forget but we are all role models for each other

    he is for me and i am for him.

    we learn from mimicking and when the day is done after 8 hours a day for years

    do i want people to learn the wrong things from me or the right things

    the thing i want them to learn is honestly communicate and trust that it will be ok

    so if i rip you to shreds using my superpowers, how are you gonna trust to be honest ever again?

    anyways he was a good hard worker with lots of skills and he loves love loves movies

    which you think everyone does over there, but hes a gd cinefile,

    i know a few others who are like that and six seven months ago i tagged them all in an instagram

    and i said you three should all know each other.

    you should all be friends.

    which might be sweet on paper but irl it might be awkward.

    i learned some other things too and then picked the pretty girl up

    and we saw this guy at the store, the west hollywood grocery store

    and he had no shirt on and he was nothing but muscles but not in a gross way

    like an aquaman way minus any tattoos and he had shorts on and amber said

    oh hes a go go dancer across the street and she couldnt stop staring

    and she finally apologized and then apologized again

    and just now she made me a grilled cheese plus ham

    as van morrisson sings thru the amazon echo

    in america