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Anthony Rizzo has played over 1,200 innings in the majors.

A giant majority of that time was as a first baseman.

Over the course of the last few years he has spent a total of 5 innings as a second baseman… on a technicality.

occasionally Joe Maddon positions players very aggressively on bunts. Rizzo is positioned ridiculously close to home and the true second baseman covers first.

Because he is basically to the side of the pitcher’s mound during the pitch,

MLB rules say Rizzo can’t use a first baseman’s glove because those are only used for the player closest to first.

He exchanges his huge glove with the second baseman for a normal sized one.

During those outs, he’s being recorded as a second baseman.

They are rare.

Extremely rare.

The Cubs have done that zero times this season so far.

But Rizzo, always the jokester, identifies himself as a first AND second baseman on his Twitter bio.