today i got a job

if you’ve noticed, i havent had a job for going on six months.

that all ended the other day when one thing led to another which led to another which led to an email which led to some paperwork and before you can say


i had a job.

with cool people. who are just as idealistic as i am. and creative. and fun.

and most importantly, ready to rock.

i dont wanna jinx it – if that’s even possible – but this might just be the perfect fit.

i told them some of the ridiculous things that i aspire to accomplish in the next few years

and whereas others said, yeah no

these people said, yes yes.

i posted it on facebook and all my friends said yes yes too

it was very sweet.

then like a dozen new people followed me on twitter

to be honest, today was a daze just like how you feel when you lose a job

all day i was thinking, is this real? am i getting emotional?

must. keep. it. together.

i had a boss a while back, a genius, she said there are two type of people

builders and maintainers.

builders like to be places where there’s a thing, and it’s sorta new and they like to see if they can help it grow to be something spectacular.

then theres people who like to enter when it’s fully grown and do it’s best to keep it strong and vital.

she said, tony you’re a builder. build your crazy dr seuss kingdoms and get out when it feels like maintaining.

and looking back, all the times when i wasn’t part of giant growth i was trying to find new ways to grow stuff, to make things, to put cool things on the map.

amber has had to ask me twice now to say the website

los angeleno, i said, like you. you are a native los angeleno

and she was all, yes yes

yes yes