ive had writers block, i’ll admit it

i want to blame this i wanna blame that. is it procrastination? whats even the difference?

i had such a great time today driving around south central and hollywood.

i met the coolest people, thought up cool ideas. learned things. laughed.

got home and talked with my neighbor on the street in the moonlight as the summer night breeze said whaddup boys!

now ive got a great story in my phone and in my head and its time to write and i cant i wont but i must.

the clock keeps ticking. this is my life now. ive gotta get it down. i wanna get it down. 12 years ago i did these one after another and they just flowed. but now it’s harder.

do i need an assistant? do i need a muse? am i capable of fighting this alone? can i succeed?

are these even things black folks are allowed to ask? i feel like we have to have the answers and even if we dont we have to getter done. we are not allowed excuses or reasons or issues or struggles. we have to be jackie robinson and muhammed ali or obama

we just have to do it michael jordan

which is sorta nice, because chicken exits are lame.

so fine, i’ll end this whine