someone asked me to write about the first date i ever had with amber

and heres the crazy thing, i have a terrible memory, which is a main reason why i blog so much

and should probably blog more.

but heres what i remember… through Instagram of all places she noticed that i was taking pics of places near where she lived. this was back when the Academy was where the Academy Museum is now being built. well, she lived a few blocks away.

and either i said or she said, we should hang out after work one day.

i remember we went to Doomies because i had recently eaten a fantastic vegan Big Mac from them at a street fair and i wanted to try it again to see if i was hallucinating.

so i picked Amber up and she had these crazy shorts that rode up high on her hips but were chopped super short.

i was driving a Prius looking car back then, def not the chick magnet muscle car she was accustomed to.

she said she didn’t drink, so i didnt drink either. and i noticed that i hadn’t made a move during a date without liquid courage since… maybe high school?

amber looked so beautiful and knew everything about LA (she’s a native), i hugged her goodnight and putt-putted away in my slowass hybrid.

miracles of miracles she texted me back the next day saying she had a great time.

she may have even included a risqué photograph saying she was impressed that i was a gentleman the whole evening.

after some questioning, she told me she would be interested in seeing Aerosmith play at the Forum with me, Slash was opening. she wore a slinky sparkly dress and i noticed this was the first concert i had gone to without buying a beer since… high school. it was fun, she was cute. i put my hand around her hip for one song and was too scared to kiss her when i dropped her off.

a few days later she texted me, said how much she loved the show and wanted to see another concert with me, did i have anything on the calendar? i said oui, KISS is playing with Def Leppard opening in about two weeks. we went, i was nervous, i was still not drinking, but then the lights spelling K I S S blinked i knew i should and i did

and i must be an incredible kisser because fireworks started exploding

all over the stage, in the audience, pretty much everywhere.

i hear Kiss was so moved by my moves that they now incorporate those pyrotechnics in all of their shows.

you’re welcome.