do you know i love you? sure, but *do* you?

i do.

it may not feel that way if you judge the number of times i write in the world famous, but trust me, that’s no way to measure any of this

ive been writing like a dog on Los Angeleno. did you know dogs can write? Woof!

because i dont think my mom has bookmarked where my new stuff is, i will link to it now

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Trojans Continue Unsafe Vaping Habits Despite Recent Warnings

is that all i’ve done? i’m so exhausted i feel like ive done more. oh well. i got another coming out tomorrow about living on Obama Blvd. ive been doing the social over there too. going to meetings. meeting the people. meeting the readers happens this week too. so much.

driving a lot. here, there, south central, the valley. my interior door handle broke. it’s just flaccid. i have to roll the window down, unlock the door, then open the door, then roll up the window, then turn off the car. then shut the door.

need to go to the shop, but when you drive a Benz you’re all, damn Klaus, how much is this gonna cost me? so i just go through the little window ballet. im not complaining.

actually i am, about the firing of Joe Maddon, the Cubs manager. the guy who won us the world series after 108 years.

im particularily mad because i see myself in him a little tiny bit. i too feel like i have been let go from gigs after accomplishing the miraculous and then as soon as it’s time to re-up they show you the door. Joe Maddon deserves a statue at Wrigley, not a kick in the pants. it tore me up yesterday when he was shown the door.

he shoulda said sorry i didnt win the world series for you year after year. sorry i only broke a hundred year drought. sorry i treated everyone with class and answered every question, and injected fun and playfulness and love to this craziness.

as drake says these hos aint loyal

and you know shits fucked when im quoting the champagne papi.

anyways, i wouldnt do you like that at zankou chicken.