saw the joker and i nodded off a few times

totally fell asleep during ad astra too.

heres why.

i have a dream job right now for me.

and im doing all i can because its like being on Supermarket Sweep

if you could keep everything, and you knew where everything was,

and everyone else is just running around putting 2 hams in there and some boxes of cereal.


i stayed awake for most of Joker but my body was all, oh we get to rest right now? good. zzzz.

and i’ll see it again because there were lots of it that i liked, the cinematography, the direction

the score. omg the fucking score. so good.

and sure Joaquin was great. he’s always great. crazy people make perfect musicians and actors.

artists probs too, who knows.

but if i had directed him in this i would have turned the dial down, like a lot.

a scary loud person is scary, but a scary quiet person

or better yet, one with dynamics,

now that can be terrifying.

let him snap a few times.

nirvana learned from the pixies who learned it from babies: LOUD quiet LOUD.

let your character be happy and free and Loud. then break him. quiet.

quieter still.

and then a LOUD breakthrough happens. and if it’s an anti hero like Joker

you can either make him loud loud loud like lots of people do

or you can make him manic and unpredictable.

the easiest pitch to fool a batter on is a changeup.

everything a professional hitter learns on his climb to the big leagues is how to hit the fastball,

so throw him 5 or six of them

and then plop that slowball at him and watch him land on his ass.

a quiet plotting, sinister laugh is better than a booming one

although to be honest his laughter was really great.

joaquin is a dream and we should feel lucky to have him,

which is why i’ll see this again.

when maybe im used to this gig a lil more.