i know ive been old my whole life but

at my age theres a few reasons to do things

for the love, for the money

or because it freaks you out.

in eight hours im interviewing someone im nervous about.

ive read all his q&a’s, seen his video chats, looked through all of his social media.

and still i feel unprepared.

nardwaur the human serviette is the king of preparedness for interviews

and i think i have an idea of where i wanna take this, but the best conversations are just that

so you dont wanna have an agenda, you want to be able to flow with it.

the other day i interviewed another guy who i was intimidated by, and i think i scared him too.

there were a few questions he didnt wanna answer and i dont blame him.

ive always felt that life is like a pinball machine, it’s good to tilt every now and then

so you know how much play you got.

the worst thing they could do is hang up.

which reminds me of my favorite thing i ever read in SPIN

Exclusive interview with Johnny Rotten

{ring, ring}


Hi Johnny, it’s Spin.


The crazy thing is, this guy is super mellow from what I can tell. And what I have to start off talking with him about is totally current and sorta newsworthy.

but still,

what if



what if.