tonight is date night

we havent had one in a while,

so i was like what do you want to eat?

she said pineapple fried rice.

and im pretty sure thats why God made women.

ive known thousands of dudes. maybe more. and ive eaten with lots of them too.

i don’t remember one of them every saying you know what tony, lets get some beers, and a shitload of pineapple fried rice.

men need women so badly. we need our shit balanced out. if it was just dudes all we’d do is eat meat and bread.

we’d pee everywhere and create the most incredible weapons.

and then pee on those.

but God was so smart. or maybe he saw how the all-male universe was gonna end up, so he made beautiful creatures, probably from an entirely more advanced universe, and tricked them into loving us.

and here we are.

date night.

thai food.