1. Thursday, November 21, 2019

    make the greatest black leader a white sculpture 

    do you know how many things i wanna do

    i see a picture like this and i wanna be a photographer

    i go to a church and i wanna be a preacher

    i go to the horse track and i wanna talk to every person there and tell em im not leaving until you tell me something killer

    but lets face it, i probably only have 75 years left on this warranty

    and the planet probs only has 50.

    which is why ozzy keeps making singles.

    amber and i had a fight today and i was yelling in the car.

    this man was crossing the street walking his dad and he looked at me.

    like he was trying to see if he knew me. maybe he did.

    it made me wonder if famous people get that look all the time.

    but not from strangers of fans but someone they are in the same circles

    and theyre all, wait is that fritz coleman yelling at his bae

    i was so angry i wanted to get out of my car and say

    take a picture it lasts longer.

    but nothing lasts.