nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, December 5, 2019

    found myself in a sauna tonight 

    i felt like i was catching a cold or a flu and someone said go take a shvitz

    so i did!

    and while i was there, bored to death, cuz i was alone, without a phone, nothing to read,

    i started praying.

    God please bless mom and angie and her kids and amber and the cubs and and and and

    soon that was over so i just watched the sweat happen.

    and to be honest with you, recently i have had a little challenge to my religious beliefs

    but there in the sauna i started thinking about sweating and how incredible it is

    almost by magic the body says, whoops, that fool is overheating,

    hey water that’s inside the body, lets get some of you to the surface of the body

    so it will cool it off.

    i mean, how genius is that?

    its impossible for me to believe that there was a gaseous explosion somewhere in space

    and all of a sudden there were humans WITH SWEAT GLANDS just incase we start overheating.

    not only was that created by a higher intelligence, but by a super intelligent being

    the engineering of the body is, to me, the biggest tell of a divine creator.

    then i took a long long shower, shaved, came back to amber and told her God exists

    and she said oh cool.

  2. almost bleu 

    she was like, wanna?
    i was all, you wanna?
    i go, but the cats.
    she’s like, cousin will crash here.
    i’m all, do they have robes there?
    uh huh
    how much?
    no for the whole thing.
    i said negativland said free is the most
    powerful word
    in the world.
    she told them it was my birthday
    so there was a slice

  3. Sunday, December 1, 2019

    gonna wear a suit today 

    one of my little rules about blogging

    is dont blog about blogging.

    but it’s hard for me to ignore the fact that here we are on the first day of december and if i keep posting

    or lack there of

    at this rate, then this will be the least productive year ive ever had on the busblog.

    dont you think id be more confident by now? dont you think that because fewer people read this, then i have less to fear about keeping it real?

    dont i have more to talk about now that i am no longer working for one of the most prestigious and olden orgs in the world,

    and i am infact a major force for one of the newest and free and creative and forgiving?

    the truth of the matter is i was never more productive than when i hated my job and knew everyone was watching, including my boss, and even Google itself was pointing at me constantly as way back then i was in the top 5 of “tony”‘s in the world.

    i guess the difference then was i didnt care if the world blew up by what i was doing. and today i do.

    today im gonna wear a suit because i will be watching one of my film heroes, quentin tarantino, receive an award by a group i used to sit on the board of, and who i still adore, the los angeles press club

    and now that i am back working in the press i feel like i sorta belong there.

    i hate wearing suits and this one doesnt fit me well as i am pudgy and thats never gonna change but im not punk rock enough to wear a kaftan, so i’ll look like someones uncle, which i am.

    and thats ok, it’s his day, and ann-margaret’s and danny trejo’s and the lady who invented the me-too movement.

    amber is an interesting girl. ive never much enjoyed going to clubs and dancing or even spending that much time “out” at night if i had a girlfriend because to me, all of those things are to find the woman of yr dreams who would want to laze about the manse watching tv and playing with the cats.

    but for this she was all, yes, lets go. so go we shall.

    november was productive for me at los angeleno. i wrote eight pieces, seven were published, one will come out in the next few days.

    Anyone Can Get a Loaded Grocery Cart for $40 at This Venice Blvd. Market

    These Video Tours of L.A. Graveyards Are To Die For

    Is Chick-fil-A Closed on the Right Day?

    Meet Your Activists: Extinction Rebellion

    Just Because You Can Trade a Mike Trout Card for a Tesla Doesn’t Mean You Should

    How to Get the Hell out of LAX and Avoid LAX-it

    Greta’s Grand Global Warning Strike

    expect me to have closer to 10-12 published in december if all goes well.

    but of those, the one about the graveyards was my favorite one. that guy is just so well spoken.

    ok it’s 4:12am, i’d like to be up at 10:30am to go to church.