end of the year not so blues

i worked all night. why because im a procrastinator.

what i did was good.

how i feel is bad.

what will motivate me next year?

love? success? fear? hope?

i wanna be better. i wanna do cooler things.

i wanna show the haters… actually i dont care about them.

i only care about the Lord and my ma.

fuck the haters.

interviewed these kids who go to Glendale High.

i asked them who their mascot was.

they said they are the Dynomites or the Dynos

I was all, what the hell is that.

they said this guy dresses up like a stick of dynomite.

i was all, get outta town

they were all, no seriously.

got home, Googled it

and thats the greatest thing ive ever seen.

have i told you that im going to go to every neighborhood in LA and talk to all the people and learn stuff?

look at me learning shit.