saw uncut gems last night

it was incredible.

top three movies i saw in 2019

the black godfather
uncut gems

i dont know why but shazam really got me.

but all i thought about today was uncut gems.

it was classic college of creative studies: be truthful, create likable characters, put them through the wringer, see what happens

amber hated it. half america hates it. but almost all the critics love it.

as you can see from the high ranking i gave shazam, one would think that i usually side with the audience, that may be true. who knows. i thought parasite was overrated.

and once upon a time in hollywood.

weirder crazier shit has gone down in hollywood and there is no need to make any of it up.

weirder shit goes down on my block.

i also loved booksmart, longshot, joker and aladdin.

i went to 40 movies this year. next year i wanna make it 52.

trying to figure out how to see 1917 tomorrow.