sometimes she wants to go on a drive so we take a little drive

theres been some girls who ive had a spiritual closeness with

some who could do it all with a kiss

one who was rich, some who were poor, three who loved to fight

one who hated me touching her, and one who hated me not touching her.

but one thing almost all of them loved doing was going for a little road trip.

drive she said.

she requested neptunes net but i wanted to head east old man


took sunset to caesar chavez through east LA. she said she wanted chinese. theres chinese over there but you get tempted by all these other delights.

even two tacos from jack in the box will get me to pull over since they’re only about a buck and a quarter.

but we kept going. slowly. happily.

the sun was out, the mountains way back in the distance were snow capped.

there were some clouds up there for decoration.

after a while we approached the prettiest soup plantation and i was all wanna

but she wanted chinese. good for her.

wound up at some dim sum spot that seemed legit. clean. big. easy parking.

went in and well attended for the late hour. a family at a big round table over there

an older asian couple on a fourtop.

a nice little table was empty over in a corner

how about over there we asked the young lady?

oh nooo tooo small.

manager came over in a suit. have a seat here, he said pointing at a big table close to the register and the front door. clearly they wanted passers by to see a famous blogger was dining with them.

but it was cold there. and way too close to the tv that was showing childrens programming.

how about over there? i asked him.

oh nooo so smallllll he said and we sat down.

menu came out and she was not impressed. im not feeling this place, she said. then lets leave i said, i dont owe nobody nothing. but shes polite. we muscled through.

soon another lady came by. spoke zero english. maybe 10 people working on the floor i dont think any of them could tell us what was on the menu

fine with me.

ive been watching these youtube guys who travel the world and no one understand anyone.

did any of those girls understand me?

but sometimes you just point and pray.

what came out were the most delicious shrimp steamed in a dumpling.

vegetarian fried rice that was moist and tasty with slivers of egg that didnt seem like any eggs ive been eating

bok choy, and i dont eat a lot of vegetables, but these tasted like something else entirely, chicken maybe.

taquitos with shrimp, basically

and these tiny little pot pies that squirted when you bit in,

so it’s best to just let them explode in your mouth.

some girls get riled up after a surprisingly great chinese meal way out east

other girls say omg lets stop at starbucks