youre gonna be criticized in life

people arent going to understand you

and it doesnt matter how well youve done in the past

or how well youre doing in the present

jesus walked across water

and days later his bffs asked

when can you show us the father

some people dont like the doors

some people dont like pink floyd

some people say trump did nothing wrong

some people move away from LA and California and never come back

they hate it.

so of course, you, suburbs boy, old bald man, super boring dresser, something less than lesser

is going to run into a few people who do not understand all the crazy ass thinking that you do or have done or have written or have said, and they wont even if you do the magic trick right in front of them over and over and over again.

it is not their fault. it is not your fault. it is no ones fault.

no matter what you do or say there will be people who just dont get Pinkerton

just love them.

cuz theres shit you’ll never get too.

we are all in this dark jungle, feeling our way around it

looking for light.

listening to clues.

but we are in this together, for a reason, it’s part of the plan.

there are no desert islands with a sole palm tree

and an endless supply of coronas.

we have each other and we are not clones.

we are meant to be like this.