had a very good day with amber today

it was her day off

but it was not mine. so for a long time in the day i was working on getting this kobe bryant piece up.

and fine tuning it, and reworking it.

still when it published there were typos.

of course.

then we had to jet across over to the Grove to interview a bunch of people.

that was not as easy as you think, but when people open up incredible things come out, so you dont need that many to talk to you.

just enough did.

and i learned that the oldest toy store in LA is in the Farmer’s Market,

and it’s beautifully stocked.

dude told me Nerf basketball is still very popular at his store.

then we went to in n out to have a cheap date nite

then we came home because i had to upload the pics from the Grove and do stuff with the audio,

and then i transcribed a few from another outing

then we drove over to CityWalk because i wanted to see Ford versus Ferrari because it was nominated for Best Picture

and I think Christian Bale was nominated and maybe Matt Damon too,

who knows but it started at 9:50pm so we went

learned an interesting thing, at that late hour they don’t charge you for parking.

saved $5 right there!

the movie was ok. nothing special. i mean i enjoyed learning a little about Shelby and Lee Iacocoa

and Les Mans

but whatever, glad i saw it, Adam Sandler was robbed.

then i came home and did a bunch more transcribing.

amber and i had a wonderful time hanging out together, something we rarely get to do it seems

and it was great.

i circled the date on the calendar

and put a star on it

i wonder if everyone is like this

i am 53 years old and i still feel shocked when i do something well or someone calls me back or a pretty girl kisses me or i have a few nice things.

it’s like how Trump keeps talking about how many people voted for him. how he keeps that flawed electoral map on his desk.

did i really do that?

am i seriously the president?

i call my mom all the time telling her, i just did this, i just did that

in amazement.

sometimes i expect her to say, baby you’re the busblog, of course they want you at that party of course they wanna talk to you, of course these nice things happen to you: you’re nice. i raised a good boy!

also whats weird is i dont look at my actual accomplishments as big deals, it’s the little victories that mean so much.

tiny ones, like when people trust me, or confide in me, or treat me with respect.

those things dont happen to 17 year olds from the suburbs.

so when they happen to me, im blown away.

i wish they could all be like this

last week it was decided that we should have an Oscar story or two, so all eyes were on me

and i thought of how hard it must have been to be the TV show’s main hype man

i mean there was Oscars So White, EnvelopeGate, Trumpsters hating host Jimble Kimble, there was Kevin Hart struggling between the cardinal rule of comedy (never apologize) and what the Academy asked him to do to remain host, and of course ratings of all tv shows sinking as people cut the cord

that PR person is an excellent man who no longer has that duty, Steve Rohr.

so i emailed him and asked him if he wanted to get the treatment, he agreed, and thursday we had lunch.

thursday night i transcribed it, wrote it, edited it and today it was published to a very warm welcome from the internet.

why? i think because we weren’t trying to make news or talk out of school, i just wanted people to know about his fascinating gig, and he was finally free to reveal all. plus, who better than someone like me to ask the questions since for years we worked on opposite ends of the same floor?

i was the right person because on one hand i did know some things, and saw some things, but on the other hand, i was in a different department involved in different assignments and priorities, so i was interested in being educated on certain things myself.

interviewing Steve reminded me of how in October i talked baseball with Jon Weisman who does publicity for Showtime. both men are so well spoken and clear. you transcribe what they say and it’s just as good as if they wrote and edited it before it came out of their mouths. very inspiring.

also, both of their memories are astoundingly accurate. names, dates, ages.

tomorrow im going to the grove to ask people questions. it wont be as easy because theyre strangers, but the good thing about strangers is they are more likely to tell you freakier things because they probably wont ever see them again and you dont know the same people.

in a turn of the tables, i was the one on the hot seat when Miss604 interviewed me about driving for Uber n Lyft.

apparently Vancouver has *just* okayed rideshare and she wanted to know what makes a good rider and i told her not just that, but lots of other tips too. so many she had to make it a two-parter.

part one

part deux

rebbecca took this incredible picture of me driving she and keira-anne around beverly hills almost exactly three years ago

her blog has always been one of my faves and vancouver is lucky that she has kept it rolling.

don’t let me be misunderstood

today I filmed something for a documentary that will be aired on the Epix channel


I did it because someone I respect asked me to. At first I was all eh. Like any good story I tell will sound like bragging. And if I hold it in it wastes everyone’s time.

Also: as a reporter, I’m begging people to unleash the kraken, wouldn’t i be a hypocrite if I don’t answer all questions honestly and frankly, on the record, anytime someone asks?

And isn’t being ashamed to even Talk about sec something the Devil would love?

Why the shame? Sex is one of the purest bonuses of being human. Most animals don’t even like honing, why should we feel embarrassed Talking about it?

but then the questions came and — wow!

how many times do you think about it? What’s your wildest experience? How about anal.


I did my best to keep things both entertaining, earnest, but midwestern but it was


I just hope they are kind to me in post.

maybe this year I should try this

what if I just told you what I did today.

ok let’s try.

Novel idea actually.

hard to believe this blogs a thousand years old and it’s never been about what j did that day.

so here goes.

yesterday I bought a bottle of margarita mix. I don’t really drink much but sometimes we head out of town and we are in a swanky hotel room and there’s a blender.

anyways I’m a sucker for sales and there was this mix marked down from $11 to $2.75. it pays for itself in one glass.

amber texted me a few times from her work. Someone needed something that doesn’t exist – except on eBay. And someone else needed a miracle.

so she texted me and I tried and tried and failed her, twice.

she got home and we watched rick n morty which she didn’t seem to like much.

and now I want chocolate

What if youve peaked

What if you’ve already done the best thing you’ll ever do, write the best you’ve ever written

Used all your magic the way it was meant to be

Then why do you still be?

I dont think that’s how it goes

I think the Good Lord knows

I think we are here like energizer batteries until we are done

If you still here you ain’t done

So find your bass drum

And pound

I do this thing on my calendar

every day that i am great with amber i circle the date

If I’m a jerk to her even for a minute, no circle.

It lets me see how I’m doing.

So far this month, one circle.

That was yesterday.

I didnt correct her, make her feel bad, say things i shouldn’t say.

Life is a rough game sometimes, especially with a job like hers. Some times its nice to come home and someone is there to just love you.

Probably in 100 years there will be realistic robots.

Who would get one and then set the analyze me button to high. All day.

Today i didnt get a circle. I wasn’t terrible but i did fuck up a few times.

Also, someone ghosted me on an interview.

So strange.

we’ve all had bad days, but

imagine yr a commercial pilot with a packed plane of people going from

LA to China and as soon as you take off one of your engines fails.

and you panic.

maybe it’s the hollywood hills staring at you from the distance

maybe it’s the fact that take offs and landings are so easy to do these days

and boom now what

so you hit this button and that one

LAX is a zoo, how are you gonna land this thing there of all places

and you think, ive got enough fuel to go to China

that’s a little more than i want on me if i have to crash land this thing.

so you think i need to get rid of it.

and theres the ocean over there, and blue skies above

but instead of the safer route

you just drop your load of gas upon the citizens of los angeles

whoopsie, did i do that?

and it lands on not one not two but three schools.

dousing a bunch of kids and their underpaid teachers.

we’ve all had bad days but

we will never have a day as bad as that.


i made this deal with amber

i have this problem sometimes when i forget that she is fighting the good fight and i need to turn it down a notch.

i can be a little over the top.

so i said, if i can be super chill for the whole day then i will circle the date on the calendar.

today was the first day ive earned a circle.

we went to the movies, saw Bombshell, it was ok.

before that, In N Out. we went to Ashley Furniture who had great financing plans, zero per cent interest, 35% off, all these things.

but the prices of the furniture was soooo high.

i met a guy the other day whose uncle makes custom beds. he offered a bed with padding and faux diamonds on the headboard, plus mattress and box spring for $650. old ashley furniture wanted $2k.

amber took one look at the joint and skeeved out. she didnt even want to play around on it. she was all, this is crazy. so we drove to the top of the parking garage, ate our lunch looking at the glendale mountains, listening to the radio, watching the rain clouds come

and now it’s nighttime, and the rain is here. it sounds so good.

i just finished most of my work transcribing my interviews about MLK

shes watching You

it’s filmed all around here.

i have so much work to do in these next few days

my neighbor threw out her cat playset.

she got two.

i rescued it.

now my cats are so happy.

Palm reader came into my house

I was all, excuse me?

She was like, are you busblog?

how do you know my name?

It’s written all over your face.

But it says Post Malone!

Where do you write?

I said what?

She said where do you write, this apartment is so tiny. I see no desk. I see a bed, piles of garbage, a kitchen table — do you write at the kitchen table?


Then where? The coffee table? Do you bend over that sad little coffee table?


So where?

The bed.

She didn’t believe me.

I said read my palm. She said what did you do today. I said i read the newspaper the other day and the writer asked homeless people what they wanted and they said they wanted warm clothes and coats and blankets. So today i had my favorite winter coat. I think my mom bought it for me like 10 years ago at Coats Unlimited. Fuzzy Things N Stuff.

What was it called? Something so weird.

Burlington Coat Factory?


You think that’s weird? She asked, looking through my junk drawers,

This guy was setting up his sleeping spot. It was 630pm. I knew the coat was in the trunk because i had worn it somewhere and i marveled at how great a coat it was. But i thought i wear this 2x a year. he will wear it every day.

he was so happy to have it.

i asked his name, he said, William.