1. Tuesday, January 21, 2020

    maybe this year I should try this 

    what if I just told you what I did today.

    ok let’s try.

    Novel idea actually.

    hard to believe this blogs a thousand years old and it’s never been about what j did that day.

    so here goes.

    yesterday I bought a bottle of margarita mix. I don’t really drink much but sometimes we head out of town and we are in a swanky hotel room and there’s a blender.

    anyways I’m a sucker for sales and there was this mix marked down from $11 to $2.75. it pays for itself in one glass.

    amber texted me a few times from her work. Someone needed something that doesn’t exist – except on eBay. And someone else needed a miracle.

    so she texted me and I tried and tried and failed her, twice.

    she got home and we watched rick n morty which she didn’t seem to like much.

    and now I want chocolate