1. Saturday, January 18, 2020

    we’ve all had bad days, but 

    imagine yr a commercial pilot with a packed plane of people going from

    LA to China and as soon as you take off one of your engines fails.

    and you panic.

    maybe it’s the hollywood hills staring at you from the distance

    maybe it’s the fact that take offs and landings are so easy to do these days

    and boom now what

    so you hit this button and that one

    LAX is a zoo, how are you gonna land this thing there of all places

    and you think, ive got enough fuel to go to China

    that’s a little more than i want on me if i have to crash land this thing.

    so you think i need to get rid of it.

    and theres the ocean over there, and blue skies above

    but instead of the safer route

    you just drop your load of gas upon the citizens of los angeles

    whoopsie, did i do that?

    and it lands on not one not two but three schools.

    dousing a bunch of kids and their underpaid teachers.

    we’ve all had bad days but

    we will never have a day as bad as that.