had a beautiful day w/a beautiful girl

sure I’m handsome and debonair and stylish and worldly but for the last two years I’ve worked at home

imagine living with someone who is always home? It’s annoying. Never having the place to yourself? Torture.

so since today is Amber’s birthday I treated her to a nice long drive and a picnic on the beach.

With me. The man she’s probs sick of.

Yesterday I tried to get out of the house and let her have it for herself but as soon as I finished ironing my tux and tails she hid my top hat and stated she would not reveal its whereabouts unless she could join me in my errands.

I told her I was planning to detail the car, see the new Margot Robbie movie and take a long nap in a booth at the Glendale library.

Instead we got passport photos and drive through the valley.

Today we drive through pacific palisades where they had erected this poor but meaningful statue of me. Danke.

While buying vegetable juice amber made friends with a fellow diabetic who told her so much great info. Poor girl had had it since she was 12.

we had a beautiful time and had some deep conversations which is probably the best thing you can have with me.


the grass everywhere was so green even though we only had a little rain the other night.