1. Thursday, February 27, 2020

    I wrote a thing 

    Then I wrote another.

    But now I feel sick. I hope it’s allergies. It might be the Corona Virus.

    So I took amber to Hot & Slutty which is a shrimp and crawfish place where most of the diners are black.

    Really messy delicious spicy food.

    So good.

    Then I got my car detailed so I could drive Uber again.

    That was fine.

    Then I held ambers hand and said if I go everything’s yours.

    She said put that on paper! I said I have a blog.

    Then we got home and I got on Facebook and saw this girl I always thought was amazing wrote that her BF is in the hospital and he truly is dying of kidney failure and I felt terrible for making death jokes.

    Her nickname in college was Death because she was super goth.

    In the most beautiful way.