todays the first day of Lent,


instead of giving up something imma

write on the world famous busblog every day.

how you like that?

yesterday amber had the day off and i had to work but it was on venice beach so we went together.

she wasnt super into it, she says, because it makes her miss journalism and i make it look so easy and fun.

while it’s true that the interviewing part that she sees is fun, the transcribing hours of chit chat is def not fun.

neither is psyching yourself up to get the courage to ask strangers their deepest darkest truths.

one fellow i met looked like he could be in lynyrd skynryd. he had a camouflage MAGA hat and sunglasses.

i was all, hey lets talk about your hat.

twas a bit intimidating. let me tell you.

and maybe its what he wanted because who goes to Venice with a hat like that and think no one is gonna wanna chat you up?

there was kobe things everywhere and it made me think about Jimble Kimble about how he said he noticed that on every corner theres a kobe mural now

and while that is an exaggeration, there is a Ton of remembrances,  sorta how there were flags everywhere after 9/11

the best shirt i saw was one of kobe in the design of the jerry west NBA logo.

but instead of NBA it said RIP.

we ate a bit and went up to High which has such a great view. on our way back to the car i was all, lets go to the sand and watch the sunset.

ive always wanted to watch it from an unused lifeguard station and thats what we did.

i had flip flops on which were slippery on the ramp.

the sun was so perfect. so many ppl were out there watching it set because it was like 73 degrees.

when it was done i wanted to applaud it but even on venice beach i woulda looked like a freak

which i am.

as you know.

strangely: didnt smell a lot of weed there.