Turning the corner on this cold

So i did the unspeakable, around 11:30pm it dawned on me that tomorrow might just be a madhouse with people voting

And they have all-night voting tonight in a few places in LA

So i hopped in the car and drove over to Brentwood to this fancy hotel

And did some early late night voting.

I noticed someone who looked familiar in a shirt and a tie and it turned out it was one of the weathermen here who had just voted

He took a selfie of himself right in front of me.

I was pretty shocked when i saw it on twitter. Apparently we follow each other.

But I’m glad he did because i still cant find my phone in my home.

That has been a bit weird. You never realize how important it is until you dont have it for a couple of days

Anyways the computerized voting was easy, quick, and best of all they had my address wrong which is why I hadn’t gotten my mail in ballot

And the guy right there at check in was able to spin his screen around and say “correct any errors” and i was able to put my correct address in there

Bing bam boom.

There were maybe 8 people at the poll at midnight and about 6 people working it.

No waiting.

You coulda had 20 voters in there maybe 25.

Plenty of free parking and a nice bathroom afterwards to wash my hand of all of it.

Now i have insomnia because of the meds I’m on.

I hope to be 100% by Thursday but you never know. I felt unbelievable terrible this morning.