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My thoughts on Joe Biden

If you’re like me, you were up until the wee hours last night, sick, coughing, sneezing, wondering if you have the cornavirus and using that nervous energy to find your missing phone. At some point it became 4am and the Stern show came on live, so you turned it on as you turned your apartment upside down.

Like many of you I didn’t vote for Joe Biden. His health has seemed to have deteriorated rapidly over the last few years. What was once funny little guffaws are at times now sad. You see flashes of that charming Obama sidekick, but as Matt Welch said on Kennedy’s show the other day, “we all have aging parents and we know what we are seeing in him.”

At the same time there are all these idealistic candidates. I watched Elizabeth Warren last night do a rally / town hall from Michigan. She was the opposite of Biden: she was full of life. She was literally running from one side of the large stage to the other. Almost a characteur of herself on SNL, any time anyone asked if she had a plan for this or that she would laugh, tell a quick joke and explain that not only did she have a plan but it was on her website and fully understood the issue.

She was engaging, lovable, and probably could have dropped down and done 20 push ups.

Then there’s dear Bernie. God love him. He can announce a rally in L.A. on Monday and 20,000 people will show up to stand in a convention center hall on Sunday. Like Warren, he thinks America can break the chain of Big Pharma and deliver this great nation the health care that other countries have shown are NBD.

As Sarah Silverman said moments before he spoke here, “what an asshole.”

Amy Klobachar has never lost versus a Republican. Mayor Pete is a well-spoken calm intelligent gay veteran from a state that doesn’t produce a lot of those types of folks. And sitting on the sidelines is Kamela Harris, who if she had been bankrolled by a billionaire would probably be giving Biden a run for his money at this stage.

But Howard this morning put it all in perspective.

America is scared. It cannot believe the avalanche of bullshit that it has gone through over these past 3+ years. Every day it’s one thing after another. Lies, unprecedented baloney, lack of transparency, foreign interference, a GOP senate that will sacrifice everything holy to keep the charade going.

America just wants something safe and stable.

As fucked up as Biden’s health is, as un-PC as it is that he’s so touchy feely — America knows that he means no harm. America knows he’s an honorable man. And America knows he’s not going to be up to some back-channel shenanigans with our enemies off the record because they’ve got some wild pee tape in a lock box somewhere.

As Howard said, America just wants a return to normalcy. And unfortunately Warren and Bernie and Mayor Pete are too punk rock right now.

And that sucks. Which is why so many people are sad today. But what would suck more and make people sadder is if Middle America and the South in November were too scared to vote for actual change and either didn’t vote at all or re-elected the pussy grabber.

Howard said, and I didn’t expect him to be this rational, that Joe Biden would be the guy who most of America would feel ok voting for, so get over it and win the Senate back and do your miracles there.

And once again the King of All Media put me at ease because he’s right.

If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.