what can you do

is there anything you can do?

ambers been watching all these shows talking about the cornyvirus and its freaking her out

so this morning bright and early we got up and went shopping for supplies.

and let me tell you, trader joes was packed. i asked the cashier if it was always like this at that hour and she said nope.

we got all sorts of water, tp, and all this stuff that put her mind at ease. and then we went to whole foods 365 which is like if whole foods took it down a notch and chilled out with the bullshit.

she got more stuff there and it didnt rain too much today so we were able to get things done.

and best of all i nearly finished my piece im writing about a radio reporter.

it’s loooooonnnnng.

but very good. im very happy, for once in my life. happy about something im writing.

usually im all, ok thats a funny line, or this tells the story leave me alone

but rarely am i like, you might be good today.

so its 3am. i should just finish but im so tired.

my cats are so funny. i try to keep them out of my room. also, they dont like their nails being trimmed.

so now any time they come in here i trim a nail or try to. and they run off.

but they never learn. they keep coming back. they got the whole house whats so great about this one little corner?

and now prince is asleep, one foot inside the room.