today the white house health experts said

it’s gonna be between 100k-200k people who will die.

on one hand that sounds like a lot, on the other, when you factor in how long it took us all to get in our damn house

it doesnt seem like many considering how many live here.

also, they say it’ll only take a few months.

if it’s longer, ive got ideas. let me tell you.

either way, and i have to say that this is an odd feeling

i feel like i got it earlier this month but i didnt have the fever.

for two days it was pure evil.

nothing worked so i just stopped trying and eventually it just died.

imagine if my fast food injected blood could help be a help for the cure

why dont they test everyone when we get the mail every morning

we’re home for pete sake.

im working hard but i got time to hand over some blood for the nation