Ive already fucked up my Lent

I promised i would blog every day on the world famous and i failed you yesterday. I got sick. I lost my iPhone. I lost my mind. I was puking. I thought i had the corona virus. I was supposed to go somewhere cool today but i had to stay at home

I fought with my gf. I fought with my neighbor. I drove to the valley last night and fought with the walmart lady because it was 11:15pm and the website said they would be open till midnight and she kept pointing at the sign on the door and i kept pointing to the words on the internet.



I wanted pills. I had allergies. Not the corona virus. When i was on Venice Beach it was windy it was dusty i could feel the pollen get inside my sensitive body.

I may be the toughest man in the world, XBI trained through and through but deep down I’m a sensitive poet and when I’m ill I am the biggest baby alive.

Drove all the way to another valley walmart way out in the midst of nowhere. But on the way there i got a Jack n the Box munchie meal. Ate a few bites and my stomach was all, hell no.

Couldn’t find squat in that walmart neither. But on the way to the freeway i saw this homeless guy. It was midnight. This was the darkest valley location. He must have been the only homeless guy in town. I said are you hungry? We were buy an In n Out. He said, my doc said I cant eat in n out any more. I said take this jack in the box. Take this water. Here’s a joint. Here’s a lighter.

I ESPed you could be homeless anywhere in LA why here?

He ESPed back, the pussy.

Which is why I take it easy reading people’s minds.

Like Supertramp I took the long way home listening to American Dirt on audio, the controversial novel about Latino life written by a white lady who everyone hates. It was well written but it was so negative. Then I moved on to Georgia Hardstark;s murder book.

I had met Georgia once or twice during the Alie and Georgia days. The last time was on a super hot day at the Hotel Roosevelt. I was at the pool with Moxie and I noticed them on the other side. I walked over said hi and Georgia noticed my fingernails. She said omg cut those! Do you know how much damage you would give a girl if you fingered her with those?

Incredible advice. I am happy with her success. And the first few chapters that I listened to were delightful.

Then in Los Feliz i saw a billboard for a porn star’s web site

And it may have well said

Tony you are in a magic period.

All is possible.

Be you 100% before someone sneezes on you wrong and you curl up and die.