1. Saturday, March 28, 2020

    this month has been busy for journalists – and me 

    here’s what i wrote and co-wrote for Los Angeleno this month

    it’s been wild

    As Pot Sales Boom, Many Encourage Smoke-Free Consumption

    Coronavirus: L.A. Beaches Close; Free Bus Rides for Some of L.A. County

    Dear L.A. Times: Take Down Your Paywall

    Coronavirus: L.A.’s Crime is Down; Angels Star ‘Going Crazy’ at Home

    Angelenos Answer: ‘Are You Middle Class?’

    Local Food Bank Triples in Business, Gets A Bump from Artist Shepard Fairey

    10 Things That Are Suddenly Free

    Coronavirus: A Pause in Mortgage Payments; Beware Zoombombing

    An Open Letter to Uber and Lyft Drivers Right Now

    Coronavirus: Sheriff Warns Strip Clubs to Shutter, MOCA Layoffs

    Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus 2020

    Coronavirus: Garcetti Puts the Kibosh on Hiking, Questions Rise About Test Access

    Coronavirus: 292 Confirmed Cases in the County, Chinese Restaurants Face Xenophobia

    Coronavirus: Governor Asks for Navy Ship to Dock in L.A., Glendora Man Dies After Visiting Florida

    10 Films Streaming Right Now That Will Transport You

    Coronavirus: L.A. County Courts Close; Apple Pan Delivers

    Coronavirus: Moratorium on Parking Tickets; Sheriff to Release Over 600 Inmates

    Meet the Bernie — and Trump — Supporters Hanging Out in Venice