1. Sunday, April 26, 2020

    beach day 

    amber wanted to get out of the house

    but I wanted to see what Ventura beach was all about

    so we drove up there and right around Calabasas my oil light goes on

    I’m leaking oil it appears

    So I say let’s go to that Kanan Dune Albertsons

    The place is huge. Surely they have motor oil.

    And fortunately they had synthetic oil, on sale, for my ass.

    Somehow we also picked up $81 of other things

    Saw a family with four little boys. Everyone had a popsicle.

    Perfect idea I told the dad.

    When we got to the beach I interviewed two life guards and a dude who runs the motel that looks over the beach.

    Like it’s Right There. Sand up against the wall.

    $150. Small. Good bathrooms. Old. Not super clean. Incredible views. $99 mid week.

    If someone wanted to pay a writer to write a book, that’d be the spot they should rent him for a summer to write it.