am i happy? no.

does this have to do with the Rona? probably. it also has to do with expectations and age and respect and lack of communication and so many things.

but maybe the worst is that MLB is trying to use all of this to figure out a way to sneak the DH into the NL.

it reminds me of horny teenage boys trying to slip their scrawny little dicks into the buttholes of their unsuspecting girlfriends.

at first the girls giggle and say whoops, not there

then they start to realize it isnt an accident and say Chad, come on. Be nice.

then they see Chad really wants it no matter what they say.

it’s foul. its unnecessary and it doesnt add to the game.

MLB’s excuse is that half of these games are going to have to be interleague because they have to play so many so quickly and probably not in MLB stadiums, so why not?

i’ll tell you why not. because it’s unnatural, dumb, foolish, and shouldn’t even be in the AL, let alone all of MLB.

use the DH in AL parks and play actual baseball in NL parks. how hard is that, Chad?

the shortened season interleague argument could also be used in the reverse: because the season is shortened, why not go back to traditional baseball rules, and use the old fat washed up DH’s as pinch hitters in the late innings?

You know why they wouldn’t do that?

Because if they did they would notice that the strategy involved and the excitement whenever a pitcher got a hit would far exceed the baloney in the AL.