dear the future, hope yr there

i forget to write you, not because i dont care, i just take you for granted. which is lame.

if anything this terrible disease has taught us how precious and fleeting life is.

a perfectly healthy person finds themselves dead in just a few days.


and yet because of POLITICAL BELIEFS there are thousands of people in the USA who are willing to risk it and go back to “normal” and not believe scientists and not even believe the current administration that they seemingly support

who tells them to wear masks and chill out and stay away from each other

even if that same administration refuses to wear masks, or chill, or distance.

im sure you are now up to your ears with biographies about those dead souls, future, and for that, i hope they’re well written.

today was Cinco De Mayo which happened to fall on a Taco Tuesday so i took amber to my favorite taco truck in Echo Park and since we are currently not allowed to eat next to the truck i drove her a few blocks south to the actual Echo Park which has a pretty lake.

there were hella people over there, future. too many for Amber to feel comfortable with so she made us stay in the car

but isnt that fountain pretty? arent those two empty benches? wouldnt it be romantico? it was 77 degrees. night. mexicans with beers. hipsters with weed. homeless with tents.

¡no! she said in spanish, which means business.

so we listened to Ozzy in the Benz, and watched the people walk by and then we drove to DTLA and took this picture for you.

hope it’s still there when you are.