everything every thing ev

when i first moved to LA the beverly center was incredible

we would go to the hard rock cafe and try to spot celebrities

they had movies on the top floor in tiny theaters, it shouldnta even counted as the movies but i saw a bunch there. one or two with michele even.

down the street was this kinda gay dance club called odessey. i didnt know it was gay.

i just thought the girls kissing were fascinating.

i had this oversized white shirt that fell off the shoulder

black parachute pants

little kung fu black shoes that cost two dollars

i looked like a Culture Club groupie which was what you wanted to look like if you were

new wave

fuck if i knew what i was but i knew i wasnt gay as soon as this old guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked if i wanted to dance

today the poor kids cant even get outta their houses. although the traffic on the 101 was seemingly back to normal today at 4pm as i was driving in circles around hollywood

interviewing a helicopter pilot.

driving because my phone cuts out usually after 20 minutes in my home but this time it did it in 5 minutes just as i was preparing to move the interview to the car

he was cool about it. he was cool about everything. we really hit it off.

in 45 minutes we talked about maybe 15 different things. all relevant. all solid.

if i just made it a Q&A it would be speed reading.

im mad at the world tonight, though, at 1:20am.

i keep telling myself everything happens for a reason everything happens for a reason

even though is that even true? has that been proven somewhere?

do dudes who go into comas and come back from the afterlife say oh yeah bill everything happens for a reason.


they dont tell bill shit.

they tell bill, the drinks are fucking free up there!

you know what i miss because of this coronavirus