I did shit

took the cats to a kitty hotel. Getting them into the carry cases was not easy. But I had no time to pussyfoot. Because before we left I set off 4 flea bombs.

Then to Pep Boys to get four tires. They only had two. Paid. Will get them tomorrow.

Then off to the smog check. Met these guys originally from Guadalajara. Just like the tires, I was overcharged. Fuckit. Had more to do.

Got home and opened the windows. Then to the grocery store. Then amber left with her work friends to hike around Griffith park.

Fine. I swept and mopped all the floors to rid the dead fleas and the poison off my surfaces. Did laundry.

When amber got home I said something wrong so we fought for a good 7-8 hours. Jk. I typically say the wrong thing. It’s amazing the fights don’t happen more frequently.

Then I cleaned more. All the floors are clean. My bed is amazing. Full fridge.

But best of all Amber cannot believe how clean the place is. She’s proposed 7 times. She’s been hyper since 10pm. Scribbling notes. It’s adorable.

I folded everything by midnight. There might be a few fleas about. We have some diatomaceous earth from when Jeanine lives here and the cats were kittens.

speaking of. I miss them. It’s sad they’re not here. But it had to be. I get them tomorrow after my tires.