valley livin

went to walmart, but there were lines

so we went to another walmart. amber was sleeping

we were going because it was hot in the apartment and we needed some things and the ac in the car was nice and the radio was on miles davis and the traffic was light and we went to in n out afterwards and talked to my ma

and then drove real slow through the valley and the moon was high up there and big and beautiful and

amber said this is so great

then i got home and procrastinated my tail off

which i guess i am still doing.

the mayor today said that the trails will be open on Saturday except Runyon (pictured)

first thing i thought “isnt today Saturday”?

the mayor is smart. this weekend is going to be super hot. people are gonna be passing out and no way wouldnt it be a zoo.

theres a million trails in LA though, i wonder if some of the other ones will be packed because of all the people who suddenly wanna hike

i just wanna sit on my black ass.