it’s 6am

A lot went on yesterday. A lot.

Work, unemployment, Amber, mom, AMC theaters, my internet, my car.

Because my phone is also an issue, if I have to take an important call I go outside.

Yes, I live in a major US city in 2020.

My dream is to one day own a Tesla because it drives itself yet I cannot make a phone call from my bedroom.

While outside I spotted the family who is parking in front of our apartment who intentionally take up two spots with one car so that they have a spot for the second car when they need it.

The mom and daughter Bridgette saw me looking at them. I stared them down. Because I was on the phone I couldn’t say anything. But also I had made a deal with Amber I wouldn’t say anything.

So I just stared and shook my head.

Being on the phone I’m sure I looked like a male Karen but weirdly not saying anything was more unsettling to them.

First the mom then Bridgette defended themselves as they unpacked the mini van.

“You have parking behind your building. We do not!” Said the mom.

Then she said,”don’t move your head like that!”

“We pay for these permits too. We have the right!” Said Bridgette. Soon she unbuckled a small child from the back seat and they all walked to the next block where they live.

I had many arguments to rebut. Like, we only have a few spots behind our building. Stop being selfish.

But it turned out that was not the biggest problem I faced.

And maybe Ambers right. Maybe that family has it so tough they feel like they’ve gotta cheat to make it.

When the Good Book says the way you treat the least of mankind is the way you treat Me, maybe it’s not referring just to the poorest of the poor. Maybe it’s referring to all of us. Because at any moment we could be struggling and it seems so desperate, so anxiety-ridden. So dire.

My fucking internet craps out every 15 minutes and I feel like the world is gonna end.

Imagine having real problems that seem insurmountable.

Imagine graduating high school and you’ve got a 2 year old.

Or worse, you gotta always take care of one.