it wouldnt be so bad if my electronics could keep up

i write and record and upload and download.

i have a new laptop, a good phone, speedy internet, two tvs.

but everything is against me. the internet especially. on saturday i was trying to do so many things and everything was all NO TONY NO

outside theres the Rona and Rubber Bullets and weirdos

inside the pretty girl wants to talk to me but baby i have like two stories a day i should be doing, the world is ending. we are the documentarians otherwise OAN gets to have the last word.

fortunately my old eyes and bones and body and fingers and gut are all LETS FUCKING DO THIS G MONEY.

shes pretty and she tries to cook but just now the fried chicken i ordered was ignored in the air fryer and they may as well be rubber bullets. but its ok because its the thought that counts.

today my article about the house call doctor got published. if it comes across as an infomercial, im sorry. i had two others that i wanted to talk with but either they were too busy or scrammed outta town so i only had that one guy and thats ok. you get the gist.

yesterday i did this story about the LA Police Commission getting reamed in an 8 hour Zoom session. people seemed to like that one.

i am getting the nicest text messages and DMs and Debbie Urlic even sent me a little care package. is my exhaustion showing? on one hand i was built for this but on the other hand i would really like to take tomorrow off but i gotta finish this super huge thing i started today and would like to sleep now because its 1am and the helicopter outside could be the Guard, the LAPD or the Childrens Hospital

but it cant drown out the Marvin Gay the pretty girl is blasting in the kitchen as she tries to whip something up so i can watch the news with her even though ive been seeing every tweet and FB item anyone could have made.

but still it’s fun to see how you do on the Final.

on this crazy weekend


life is fucked up, unfair, focused too much on money and worldly possessions, invested too much in cops and not love

and rooted in fear.

i watched a lot of TV this weekend, tweeted a bunch of it, and even went through a bit of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Inglewood to soak in what i could.

to me the best take on it was Trevor Noah’s about the Contract.

when people are sold a lie that things will be a certain way, and it’ll be fair,

and if time after time after time it’s not fair, and the rules change, but never in your favor, after a while you’ll say fuck this game.

and fuck this contract.

and part of the contract is you and your whole neighborhood won’t bum rush a store — or all the stores — and take everything.

even the ice cube tray.

but trevor doesnt address why the cops are acting so out of control.

i think its the same reason trump supporters do

they know it’s about over for them.

the same way 9/11 transformed air safety, this is the last straw between cops and The People

and so every chance they could they beat a kid, or ran over pedestrians, or shot pepper spray or rubber bullets at a journalist.

the free for all is ending among the bad apples and this is the last dance.

love it or hate it but generally shit changes after riots and looting.

people start treating each other better.

especially businesses to their community.

i remember clearly a year or two after the rodney king riots i was in a liquor store and the customer whispered to the shop

see you at the riot.

just that threat is good enough to improve customer service by A LOT.

is it right? no. did i hang in there for a good 20 years or so? yes.