i just wrote something that i wanted to have done by friday night

and even though it’s now sunday night it’s ok.

sometimes it’s good to let it percolate inside you a little


cook up


ever since i was a little boy i enjoyed writing and sometimes i pinch myself knowing that somehow i am able to sussist because of the words i learned and how i was taught to superglue them together.

in my research i was procrastinating and looked up jo jo rabbit scarlett johannson and i saw this red carpet look of hers and

it made me think of mark zuckerberg of facebook who is like the fourth richest man in the world and how he always dresses like he is trying to convince people he’s a real boy.

if i was a gazillionaire i would have a glam squad that would find awesome looks like this one and buy an identical outfit but in my size for me to wear the very next day.

it would be a visual echo in the most disturbing way.

and also i would give a billion to the poor every time i earned a billion.

last night amber and i sat in the living room on our little love seat that reclines and watched Michael Mann’s Public Enemies and it was like we were a little suburban couple.

we never sit out there.

shes either reading or writing or studying something — now it’s Spanish — and im in the bedroom or washing my hair.

rarely is it just the two of us with the cats circling trying to figure out how they can annoy amber best.

i nearly fell asleep.

then she started crying because she might be related to Pretty Boy Floyd and Johnny Depp shot him in the back. spoiler alert but it happens in minute 7.

tonight i can now finish organizing my baseball cards of 2017 topps update series.

this is what you’re missing at casa busblog, scarlett.