1. Sunday, July 26, 2020

    lost to the times this week 

    i should just give up.

    what did i even do this week?

    i wrote “the best show i ever saw was at Spaceland

    then i wrote “Why Being Christian Shouldn’t Stop You from Supporting BLM

    worked on a piece that i hope to have out on tuesday about a great artist.

    then on saturday i returned my Air which for some reason was hard for me.

    i had to figure out how to make my printer and phone talk together

    thank God for YouTube tutorials.

    then i had to will my printer to work.

    turned out FedEx has a very simple way to print – which makes sense.

    when im fancy imma do all my shipping with them. thats just way too easy.

    on Thursday or Friday i retweeted a picture from the Glendale Galleria of people who were eating in the parking garage. it did really well — for that guy.

    so after FedEx i drove out to Glendale to see if i could take a few more (he only had one).

    i ended up taking four very bad pictures.

    fucker went off

    over 600k impressions with a whopping 400k engagements

    on a tweet, late on a saturday

    in a garage.

    if you only knew how many places i applied to last year

    some multiple times.

    one i found out thru linked-in who the VP of the department was

    figured out his email address

    explained how they had been advertising the job for 5-6 months and ive applied three times and havent even gotten a nibble.

    i told him, i will work for whatever salary the last person got – just talk to me.

    nothing worked.

    no one wanted me.

    but heres the best thing about that tweet… it increased our followers by 42%.

    one tweet with bad pictures in a garage and now you get over 700 more followers.

    i love the internet so much you have no idea.

    but what i really want is a podcast.