what is even anything

it’s 3am. in bed. full of energy. there’s a baby possum sneaking around over by the grill.

people of the future: these were bizarre times. no street cleaning. Apple stores all closed. Malls closed. Beaches open. Ppl demanding to get their hair done.

Amber wants me to help dye her hair and I’m sorta against it. I feel like a line will be crossed.

Also she doesn’t need it. We’re in bikinis and tshirts most of the time. Who are we trying to impress?

Obviously the possum approves.

Speaking of Apple they’ve been very cool. Their new Air is fine but after years on a 17inch trying to look at a 13 inch is like staring down a porthole.

After posting that video last week all these people starting following me on Facebook because some of them think I know those guys for some reason.

One guy DMed me and said, check it the state starts growing weed and sells it. that way when you buy it you’re like helping support teachers.

I’ve had to unfriend a few already. One guy was super anti-journalism. When did this start? Must there be a tv show that truly talks about journalism every day? Spectrum has this one about the LA Times but it can feel very infomercial-ly.

Get in there. And talk about radio and tv and digital. Put things in context.

I don’t mean to exaggerate, future people. Not Every Apple store is closed. In San Diego a few are open. I was gonna drive down there to do the switch but first I entered into a chat with Apple Support.

It was a dream.

Dude up sold me and figured out how it could get delivered in a day.

Still not sleepy.