1. Wednesday, August 19, 2020

    amber is having a worse day than me right now 

    i have this crazy idea

    when things are going bad and the bad thoughts are echoing in your mind,

    you have to give yourself a little break.

    i think if you have been obsessing all day, then at night you should watch a happy movie

    or anything that will bring you happiness.

    so all morning and afternoon she has been having a bad day

    one thing after another.

    so much drama.

    so i was all, hey i will listen to all of that, but how about when the sun goes down we put that aside because i am in the middle of craziness right now too.

    so she went into the kitchen

    sat on the floor, tears in her eyes.

    my girl cat ran to her and cuddled with her,

    and amber said, fine, after you get back from the mechanic we can watch a movie.

    i was all GREAT!

    cuz we havent seen many movies lately together.

    and she said, we can watch Roots.