1. Friday, August 7, 2020

    arrest the cops who killed breonna taylor 

    i interviewed someone who was so easy to talk with. sooooo easy.

    in fact any time she was all, did you see this, did you see that?

    i was all, yes. of course! and i had.

    she is a shrink and the last question i asked was did she think everyone should be in therapy.

    she said yes.

    and i keep wondering what i would talk about in there because im good

    but usually im thinking things like that when im procrastinating.

    thats would i would want to work on with a shrink

    how i could be more productive about work

    so i could be lazier at rest.

    it took me days and days to transcribe that interview.

    it kills me to hear my questions and annoying laugh and weird voice

    sentence by sentence over and over.

    but when its over i feel so good.

    its like being constipated for days, sometimes weeks, and then


    imagine if i could just do it in hours, knock it out, and then spend the next two days

    eyes closed, beautiful music playing from a different room

    bathtub filling with mr bubble

    all while trying to float into a

    smoother plane.

    im gonna try this next week.