1. Thursday, August 27, 2020

    i grew up with mad magazine 

    before that Dynamite

    i read the paper every day because of my babysitter. her husband got it.

    lots of people i know got it.

    or take it as they say.

    we used to take the paper but they kept throwing it in the bushes

    sometimes my paper ends up in the tree.

    it’s a short tree so i kind of like it.

    if they could get it in that tree every morning id be stoked.

    somehow i made it through the republican convention.

    it wasnt as funny as i expected, but it had its moments.

    amber kissed me every time someone lied and

    that made everything go down a little smoother.

    tomorrows friday and my goal is to work all day

    so on monday i dont have to kill myself.

    after mad i got into Crazy a little

    never national lampoon.

    but then came Creem

    and finally Spin.

    the greatest.