1. Wednesday, September 23, 2020

    jane fonda was on howard stern 

    people say that howard is dunzo

    theyre mad because he doesnt have strippers on any more or weirdos

    but at least once a week he does a dynamite interview.

    the other day it was jane fonda who, it turns out, is a huge fan of his and said if she hadn’t “closed up shop” would have loved to have gone on a date with him.

    i wonder if howard is happy

    he doesnt seem like it, which is weird.

    all the money, such a perfect wife, can say whatever he wants on the radio to millions of people and

    get away with it.

    all these people want to get interviewed by him.

    now he gets to work from his own house, no commute.

    but he always seems so miserable.

    obsessed with his weight, he hardly allows himself to eat like a king

    only has a few friends

    then theres all the weirdness with artie. jackie. stuttering john. tom the engineer.

    and you know the wack pack are hitting him up for money all the time.

    but who knows, maybe he’s fooling us all.

    still, i worry.

    the silver lining about having to wear masks in public is

    i wonder how many celebs like howard are allowed a bit more freedom

    because now they can walk around with a bigass mask and glasses and maybe a hat,

    and no one would that it’s the king of all media

    strolling down the street

    buying some spaghetti

    he’ll cook real nice

    and then toss in the garbage