1. Tuesday, September 1, 2020

    things i wrote for los angeleno last month 


    i had terrible writers block last month.

    i just coudnt get it together.

    i struggled harder than i have — ever. just too much was going on. like all the time. finally i snapped out of it.


    i just let that gunk flow through me and waited. and finally it was gone. and i was able to get back to writing.

    but if that makes you think i wasnt concerned AF, youd be wrong. fortunately i was able to eek these out:

    Why My Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Eat in a Parking Garage in Glendale

    Why Not Just Party if the Cops — and Everyone Else — Are Doing it?

    Picking a Psychiatrist’s Brain About Kanye, Racism, and the Rise of Karens

    Twitter Sounds Off on Kamala Harris’ VP Nomination

    Uber and Lyft Poised to Hit Cancel on California Like the Losers They Are

    Who Is That Masked Man Offering Me Pizza?

    The Buck Stops Here: NBA, WNBA, MLS and some MLB Games Postponed