1. Tuesday, September 1, 2020

    what do you do if you saw a perfectly good guitar, alone? 

    is it a test?

    is dumbass ashton kutcher gonna jump outta a taco truck?

    is Dateline going to fall from the sky?

    are the strings coated with COVID?

    are the angels in the Heavens debating the morals between Christians and non-believers and one of them says, oh here comes a Christian, Gabriel, set a perfectly sweet guitar in his path and see what he does

    but thats tony pierce, Gabriel says

    other angel cuts him off, just do it Gabe. jeeeze!

    Gabriel says but but

    other angel glares at him and points at his watch DO IT

    and i walked by it, investigated it. took exactly three photos of it and moved on.

    angels laughed

    other angel huffed

    Gabriel sighed and says, tony only plays electric guitars