1. Thursday, September 24, 2020

    what will you do when your dreams come true 

    and what will they do for you

    what if your dreams have already come true

    what if all of this is second desert.

    there are a lot of things i miss very much

    near the top of that list is driving uber lyft.

    for a little while you could say i was addicted

    because in a little way it was competition with drivers on facebook

    but in another way it was the greatest paid tour of my city

    where i could ask anyone anything about their neighborhood

    and they would go on and on and on

    pointing along the way.

    i drove so much my arms and legs hurt after a while.

    i drove so much and had a near perfect rating

    not because im an incredible driver

    but because when people talk about their neighborhood

    theyre talking about themselves

    and who doesnt like that?